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One On One Training Sessions

One on one training covering the basics of getting started, to bike control, cornering, jumping and various track sections as well as fitness & nutrition plans. We give one on one support to help assist your training needs. Offering prepped track conditions, timed motos, on site ability to stay or camp for weekend training for out of town riders. One on one training with a coach is $50 per hour unprepped track conditions & $100 per hour prepped track conditions (MIN 4 HRS)& can be scheduled by calling (575)571-7358. Ask about our special member pricing.

Group Training

Classes covering specific skillsets or overall basics taught in a group setting of up to 15 riders. Classes like starts, stamina and conditioning, cornering, jumping, bike control, specific track sections and more. Group Clinics start at $200 per rider. Run time Aprox 4 Hours. Includes Healthy Lunch.

Track Rental For Private Use

Rent our facility for private training use. Work directly with your teams or private instructors / parents. Unprepped $100 per hour. Prepped $2000 per day. Call and ask about our special member pricing (575)571-7358.

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